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Choose Your Pricing Plan

DoubleUTv Plus, DoubleUTv Access Plus, DoubleUTv Gold & DoubleUTv Platium includes Erotic Content

  • Best Value

    DoubleUTV Plus

    Every month
    30 days reoccurring access includes StillArQuez XXX Content
    • Original shows featuring ArQuez, Jeff CUTTS, Gary Lavard
    • + Rico Pruitt, C. Colbert, Kd So Crazy, Drew Ghent & more
    • Unlimited Access to All Movies
    • Unlimited Access to All Series
    • Unlimited Access to All Fitness
    • Unlimited Access to All Music
    • Unlimited Access to All VlogUSeries
    • Unlimited Access to Mingle Section with site subscribers
    • Unlimited Access to ArQuez Gram
  • DoubleUTV Access +

    30 days access 1x Payment includes StillArQuez
    Valid for one month
    • 30 Day Access to
    • 30 Day Unlimited Access to All Movies
    • 30 Day Unlimited Access to All Series
    • 30 Day Unlimited Access to All Fitness
    • 30 Day Unlimited Access to All VlogUSeries
    • 30 Day Unlimited Access to All Music
    • 30 Day Unlimited Access to ArQuez Gram
  • DoubleUTV Regular

    Every month
    Want the shows without the extra?
    • Edited Scripted shows with promotions
    • Watch Too Lit Movie
    • HiToonz Cartoons
    • Just Hear Me Out Video Podcasts
  • DoubleUTV Gold

    6 Month Subscription includes access to StillArQuez content
    Valid for 6 months
    • Unlimited access to All Movies
    • Unlimited access to All Series
    • Unlimited access to All HiToons
    • Unlimited access to All Fitness
    • Unlimited access to All Music
    • Unlimited access to All Reality
    • Unlimited access to Mingle with other site subscribers
    • Unlimited access to ArQuez Gram
  • DoubleUTV Platium

    2 Months Free on this 1 Year Pass
    Valid for 2 years
    • 12 Month access to DoubleUTV
    • Access to All Series
    • Access to All Movies
    • Access to All VlogUSeries
    • Access to All Fitness
    • Access to All Music

Plan is reoccurring until cancellation.

DoubleUTV F.A.Q.

Reoccurring Cancellation

If you selected the $26.99 reoccurring plan, that plan requires a 2 month minimum subscription as stated at the time of purchase. To successfully cancel your subscription you can elect to have a invoice sent for you second month, or wait until your second month billing is completed as the terms and conditions your agreed to at the time of purchase. 

How we deal with Fraud? 

O.C.G.A. §16-9-33 Outlines the Crime of Financial Transaction Card Fraud · Knowingly uses a credit or debit card without permission with the intent to defraud.

In the state of Georgia where our company is legally registered, it is a criminal offense to knowingly purchased something on your credit/debit card and then dispute it for any reason. You understand that by subscribing you agree that if you decide to dispute your transaction a criminal warrant will be obtained for your cyber crime. As well as any future accounts made will be terminated.   

Account Termination 

You understand that at any time if your subscription/membership becomes delinquent, overdue, and/or we receive information, or we suspect your payment and/or account or any information provided to be not true, not to be honored, and/or fraudulent we can and will terminate your account and in some cases block/restrict current and future accounts. 

Content Upload  

We strive to bring you quality content as frequently as possible. We appreciate all of our supporters and your support as we continue to bring you quality content. 

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